Frequently Asked Questions

A partner on the Aasaanjobs platform is one who registers candidates on the website under his/her name and schedules interviews for these candidates for the available jobs posted on the website.

The Aasaanjobs platform allows partners to find multiple jobs for candidates and easily schedule interviews for them. As a partner you shall get a reward for every candidate registration, interview scheduled, candidate skill assessment and when a candidate is selected and joins a company.

As a partner you get a reward for :

  1. Every candidate registration

  2. Every candidate you send for an interview

  3. Every candidate skill assessment

  4. Every candidate who joins a company on selection


There are 4 levels for partners - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You start as a silver level partner.

There are 2 ways to advance to a higher partner level

  1. Increase in number of relevant candidate interviews you line up

  2. Increase in number of candidates who join a company after selection

Reward Level

Profit share per interview (% of actual payment)









It is a one step process! Just click on this link and fill in a few details.

There is a button named “Register”  accessible throughout in the portal on the top right hand side of the screen. On clicking Register a candidate form shall open. You can fill the form and complete registration.

An Invited candidate is a candidate whom you have invited for registering on the website. Please note that if the candidate is completing the registration process themselves, he MUST use your Referral Code when registering. Only then will you receive INR 10 for registering a candidate.

OTP verification is an important part of completing a candidate’s registration. Candidates whose numbers are not verified via OTP cannot be scheduled for interviews. If a candidate’s number is not verified by OTP, you can find them in Pending candidates category under My Candidates. The candidate can also give a missed call to verify his number. Missed call option appears after 30 seconds near Resend OTP option.

A candidate is marked Pending if his registration process was incomplete or mobile verification of mobile number was not done. He or you may have missed an important field. Please check the profile and complete the missing information to be able to schedule him for interviews.

You can Recommend a candidate for a job if you think that the job is suitable for the candidate. This is useful if you had registered a candidate but are no longer in touch with him. He will automatically receive an alert that you recommended him for a job.

Before you schedule a candidate for an interview, please contact him. Tell him about the job and that you think he is suitable for it. Ensure he is interested in the job and that the interview time you schedule for him is convenient for him. You may be unable to schedule a candidate even if you can see him, if he is still a Pending or an Invited candidate. A candidate needs to be fully registered before you can schedule him for an interview.

  1. If you recommend a candidate for a job you may see the recommendation in the candidate’s profile under “My Candidates”.
  2. If you have recommended multiple candidates for a job, you can see the recommended candidates on the specific job page under “Vacancies”.


The Vacancies tab shows all the available jobs that you can schedule candidate interviews. You can apply filters and apply for jobs on behalf of candidates here.

By default, you shall view paid jobs first, ie. jobs that have interview and joining rewards. Your preferred location shall also be preset so that you view jobs that are most relevant to you.

Once you have applied for jobs on behalf of candidates they shall be moved to the  “To Be Lined Up” sub section in “Applications”.

The Applications tab shows you every step of the candidate application procedure. It has 4 sub sections below it - To Be Lined Up, My Line Ups, Feedback and Selections.

To Be Lined Up shows all the candidates that need to be scheduled for interviews for a certain company. You can click on “Schedule Interview” to select an interview slot for your candidate. After you schedule the interview, the candidate shall move under “My Line Ups” sub section.

If the candidate is not interested in that job, click on “Not Interested” and the job card shall disappear from To Be Lined Up.

My Line Ups shows the candidates who have been successfully scheduled for interviews by you day by day. On the day of the interview, you can mark:

  1. “Going” when the candidate is going for the interview

  2. “Not Going” if the candidate is not going for the interview

  3. “No Reply” if the candidate does not answer your call on the day of the interview to confirm his attendance.

  4. You can also “Reschedule” the interview for another available date if the candidate can’t go on that day for the interview.

Feedback gives you an update of the candidate interview after it is over.

Under the Status and actions column, you can see if the candidate was “Selected”, “Rejected” , “Attendance Not Confirmed” or “Did Not Turn Up”.

If you notice an inconsistency, you can “Raise an Issue” and voice your complaint.

Selections sub section shows all the candidates who are selected for a job. The monthly salary and joining date is also mentioned there. You are suppose to inform candidates about their Selections and motivate them to join.

Your rating as a partner decreases. If you continue to schedule irrelevant candidates you might go a partner level lower than your current one. Eventually, you may also be blocked from using the system.


Interview Reward is a cash reward which you get if the candidate scheduled by you attends the interview and the employer says is a relevant candidate. The candidates need not be selected to receive this cash award.

Joining Reward is a cash reward that you will get if your candidate gets selected, joins and continues in the job for a week.

Interview and Joining Rewards are visible on candidate card under “Applications”.

This means you are eligible to receive the Interview Reward on successful validation of Interview.

This means you are eligible to receive the Joining Reward Reward provided your candidate joins the company and works there for a week.

This means you are not eligible to earn the reward if

  1. Interview was not scheduled by you.

  2. Candidate did not turn up for the interview.

  3. Candidate attended the interview but the client marked irrelevant.


This means you are not eligible to earn the reward because

  1. Candidate did not turn up for the interview.

  2. Candidate was rejected so can’t join the company.

  3. Candidate Denied to join the company.

This means your interview reward is confirmed as you have conducted a valid interview and the client has confirmed this.

This means that your candidate has joined the company, worked for a week and the client has confirmed this.

No, you will not be paid for the interview. But if the candidate is selected and joins the client, you will receive the Joining Reward.

You can see your earnings by clicking

  1. the arrow pointing downwards to  the right of the “Help” button.

  2. “Account Summary” when the drop down opens up.

When you enter your bank details, we shall transfer your earnings every month in a timely manner.